Capitalism is Codified Human Nature; Socialism is Not Human at All

Dick McDonald

Capitalism is the economic construct that allows everyone to choose their own financial destiny. Socialism, on the other hand, puts everyone in a bottle and predetermines their financial future. As man comes into this world with his own unique DNA capitalism is a good fit whereas socialism fails wherever it has been tried. Socialism is illogical and inhuman – not everyone is the same.

However, socialism has been on the ascent in America for the last 75 years. It has been fueled by a very common human condition – compassion for the less fortunate. Under President Barack Obama I believe American socialism has now reached its zenith. He has not only tried to buck human nature he has ran out of money.

Early on Barack Obama promised: “we’re going to reshape mean spirited and selfish America.” We hope everyone understands that after three years in office Obama’s policies have created a country more mean-spirited than just about any time in its history. Obama’s class warfare offensive is tearing America apart philosophically because Obama’s solution is to redistribute wealth from the rich to the poor.

Adding to the dissension is the American media. In the pocket of Democrats, the media is doing its best to promote an anti-capitalist fever. They got their chance to do it harm when some disgruntled low level stock broker at Goldman Sachs wrote a letter to his boss the NYT happened to publish 15 minutes later. Can you say collusion of the socialist Times? Of course not, the left controls what is printed and said and the capitalist have nothing to say.

What the employee had to say was a repeat of the Obama offensive formulated so many years ago. Goldman Sachs was ripping off their clients because they were mean spirited and selfish.... It was an obviously scripted attempt to demean capitalism and promote Obama’s collectivist, socialist agenda.

Like nature itself capitalism is based on the survival of the fittest. Somehow Obama wants to change human nature. He wants to change the extremes by taking the strongest animals and weaken them and conversely strengthen the weakest. That may work in a test tube but it doesn’t in real life. Nature is funny that way.

Capitalism’s “competition” is its survival mechanism. Its “creative destruction” and its “bankruptcy” are the lifelines to fight another day. Striving to be better is not greed or selfishness; it is human nature. To get up after you fall down and start fighting again is human nature 101. Unfortunately for the left under socialism there is no reward for striving to be better. You may never fall down but you never have a chance to really stand up.

In America the left’s socialist policies have run up over $130 trillion of debt or over a million dollars of debt for each and every one of the 115 million households.

It will only get worse if the Democrats and Obama are re-elected in November and allowed to continue driving us off an economic cliff with their unnatural, illogical attempt to change human nature..

Received via email. I am not so sure about Dick's characterization of the Greg Smith attack on Goldman Sachs as a put-up job, though others have queried the Greg Smith account too. Ever since Adam Smith, defenders of the free market have known that big business is not necessarily your friend

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  1. For the life of me I cannot see why this garbage has been re-posted.

    Several of the founding fathers of the USA stated, clearly, that only if America were to remain a Christian nation, would it be able to continue.

    Why? Simple.

    There are two types of person: one who gives a damn about his-her neighbors to a sufficient degree (C), and one who does not (H).

    Christian vs. Hippie (humanist, atheist, deist, etc).

    Now, by nature every RATIONAL person resorts to H - it makes sense to take care of yourself, and let others take care of themselves. As a first level of consideration.

    Christians are FORCED to give a damn about their neighbors: so MOST of them DO. EVEN AT COST TO THEMSELVES - which is the second level of consideration. The result is a population comprised of people who are self-controlled, and will take care of societal problems as they arise (often on an individual level, or as part of some local group.)

    Non-Christians, hippies and the like, have no reason to give a damn, and so MOST do NOT. A population comprised of such people CANNOT exist as a functional community - it would devolve into bloody chaos. The ONLY WAY such people can gain the benefits of grouping together, is via EXTERNALLY imposed control. (Note that on the individual level hippies WILL NOT willingly contribute to helping the needy - government intervention is NECESSARY for this.)

    Socialism (of which communism is but a subset) is the most stable form of externally imposed control, WHEN a sufficiently large portion of the population is fairly educated.
    Why is this so? The majority of the population are capable of sufficiently abstracted concepts of Justice - the existence of this is what makes them so hard to control. (People have a REAL problem with being treated unfairly, which is what tends to destroy most other dictatorial systems.)

    But of course, there are always those who are 'more equal' than others under socialism. But as long as all around you are treated as you are, you can part of a group: a grouping cannot hold if there is not justice-equality between its members.
    A similar thing is found in Islam, which is another system of externally imposed control (via Sharia), where there is a privileged elite, and a secondary, brutalized, lower-class.

    Historically under Islam, the Muslim population are to live off 'taxes' imposed upon all non-Muslims: this matches the practices of socialism quite well, where the parasitic elites live off a lower-class.

    But it should be noted that internal to both classes, there is an equalizing justice system: i.e. individual elites have redress available against other elites, and the like.

    The hippies are not stupid, and are very well aware of the past and present failures of central control...
    Socialism ultimately becomes sufficiently unjust (read corrupt) that people revolt.
    Enter Chinese Communism: cradle to the grave thought-control, brutally implemented; coupled with generalized brutal repression of pretty much everything.
    Chinese communism is the Final Socialist Model: technology and other advances in various disciplines allows for those in control to detect dissent, and high-tech weaponry which allows those in control to utterly crush any dissent.
    And of course a majority of peasants who can do little more than spell their own names.

    The above is why the world is as it is, and why it is heading where it is heading. This article is... puerile.


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