Al Gore's "Climate Reality" vs. Reality

Al Gore is launching a day-long live broadcast called 24 Hours of Reality to promote his global-warming message of manmade climate crisis. It begins Wednesday at 7 p.m. Central Time. His non-profit group, The Climate Reality Project (TCRP), is sponsoring the event. The same hour-long presentation will be repeated 24 times by different hosts in each time zone around the globe.

Each presentation will feature local footage from its respective time zone and will be delivered in one of 13 languages. Participants in each video are touted by TCRP as "more than 3,000 activitists of The Climate Project who have been personally trained by Vice President Gore to deliver his slide show around the world."

Gore took time from personally training those 3,000-plus activists for an interview with the Washington Post about the upcoming broadcast. In it he claims climate scientists are in agreement that human-caused global warming is to blame "whenever a natural disaster happens." But he only cites two scientists without actually quoting either. They are James Hansen of NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies and Kevin Trenberth of the National Center for Atmospheric Research, two of the scientists implicated in the Climategate scandal of late 2009.

Yet in making the claim of consensus on the issue, Gore ignores the growing number of scientists who are consistently and publically refuting his assertions of eco-catastrophe. A report compiled by the U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works and presented to the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Cancun last December quotes more than 1,000 scientists refuting the idea of anthropogenic (human–caused) global warming (AGW) and specifically contesting what they call Gore's scientifically unsound allegations. "Al Gore has taken a role corresponding to that of St. Paul in proselytizing the new faith," said atmospheric physicist Dr. John Reid. "The quasi-religious nature of AGW is evidenced by the rancor which is generated when people like me express skepticism about the theory."

"The whole idea of anthropogenic global warming is completely unfounded," said astrophysicist Hilton Ratcliffe, a fellow of the British Institute of Physics. "There appears to have been money gained by ... Al Gore ... as a consequence of this deception, so it's fraud."

"Gore prompted me to start delving into the science again," said meteorologist Hajo Smit, who is a former member of the Dutch UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change committee. "I quickly found myself solidly in the skeptic camp."

Another award-winning meteorologist, J.R. Kirtek, ridiculed Gore's 2006 film An Inconvenient Truth. "If the definition for a documentary is 'presenting facts objectively without editorializing or inserting fictional matter, as in a book or film,' then I am confident that Al Gore's movie was not a documentary," he said. Indeed, in 2007 the High Court in London identified nine errors in the film, and Ratcliffe said he found 35 fundamental errors "without trying too hard."

But Gore assures us 24 Hours of Reality "will focus the world's attention on the full truth, scope, scale and impact of the climate crisis." His guns are clearly aimed at the oil and coal industries. TCRP blames them for trying "to sow denial and confusion about the science of climate change, ignore its impacts and create apathy among our leaders."

"Fossil fuel companies and their allies will go to great lengths to deny the fact that climate change is happening now," said Maggie L. Fox, TCRP president and CEO. However, none of the 1,000 scientists quoted in the Senate report are affiliated with so-called fossil-fuel interests, nor is the British High Court. Gore apparently chooses to ignore these inconvenient climate-science authorities.

In fact, when the Washington Post asked Gore if he believes scientists "need to get more active in the debate, to stop being so reticent," the former Vice President made this remarkable reply: "That's solely within their discretion." This harbinger of climate woe, who is trying to convince the world the issue is settled and all scientists are in agreement, excused those scientists from speaking out, even though they supposedly have irrefutable proof that AGW means Earth is headed for certain destruction. He said many of them "are constitutionally uncomfortable with such a role" or "it's not what they trained themselves and educated themselves to do." He went on to say, "But it can't just be up to scientists. The rest of us have to pitch in and given (sic) them a hand."

In other words, the science is settled, take Gore's word for it, don't pester any scientists since they might be uncomfortable talking about the topic, and take action now!


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