TN: Vanderbilt Prof. says Christian student groups oppressed

This is an issue that has repeatedly arisen at other universities but Vanderbilt is a private university so is not bound by the 1st Amendment -- and may therefore be able to maintain its absurd policy. The real agenda, of course, is to force acceptance of homosexuals onto Christian groups.
"Is Vanderbilt University flirting with the suppression of religion? Yes, according to Carol Swain, a professor at Vanderbilt’s Law School.

Specifically, Swain is referring to four Christian student groups being placed on 'provisional status' after a university review found them to be in non-compliance with the school’s nondiscrimination policy.

Vanderbilt says the student organizations cannot require that leaders share the group’s beliefs, goals and values."

Carol Swain is CLS’s faculty advisor. She insists the university has gone way beyond political correctness with its actions and demands. “It seems reasonable”, she told me, “to require that leaders share the beliefs of the organizations that they seek to lead.” She sees this as part of a larger problem at liberal-leaning universities across the nation. She says, “I see it as part of a larger attack on religious freedom that’s taking place across the country – particularly when it comes to conservative groups.”

Vanderbilt officials refused to be interviewed, and instead released a statement saying in part "We are committed to making our campus a welcoming environment for all of our students."


A welcome for all students except Christian ones, apparently

The simple solution would of course be for Christian groups to meet off-campus. Any nearby church would probably oblige with a room for meetings.

That would put the university administration's nose out of joint too. A university with no Christian groups on campus would look odd and that might hamper their recruitment of students. It would certainly make their assertions about being "welcoming" look hollow. Putting up posters and placards at appropriate times saying: "Vanderbilt U does not welcome Christians" would really drive that nail home.


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  2. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled 5-4 in 2010 that the University of California’s law school didn’t violate the First Amendment when it refused to officially recognize the Christian Legal Society unless the group allowed all students to join, regardless of beliefs. Why should any organization that receives Vanderbilt funding and uses their facilities be exempt from their rules? Religious organizations who wish discriminate against anyone should hold their meetings off campus.


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