Another iteration of some old nonsense

Coral reefs 'will be gone by end of the century'. They will be the first entire ecosystem to be destroyed by human activity, says top UN scientist...

Coral reefs are on course to become the first ecosystem that human activity will eliminate entirely from the Earth, a leading United Nations scientist claims. He says this event will occur before the end of the present century, which means that there are children already born who will live to see a world without coral.

In fact, the scleractinian corals, which are the major builders of the reefs of today, have been around some 200 million years, during most of which time both the atmosphere's CO2 concentration and its temperature were much greater than they are today, which should immediately raise a red flag about the proffered cause of the recent decline in reef growth.

As Australia has by far the largest coral reef, The Great Barrier Reef, Australians are well used to these sensationalist cries. But Hoagy, the chief Australian crier of recent years has gone silent for a while now. Why? Because some of his own research showed that coral is very resilient to any setbacks. See here, here, here and here for the evidence against Hoagy and his ilk.

It is a testimony to Hoagy's sheer mental constipation that he needed research to find that out, however. The Great Barrier Reef extends for 1,600 miles in a roughly North to South direction and as the waters it occupies become warmer, so does its diversity and extent grow. That simple fact should have told him that warming would be a BENEFIT rather than a hindrance to coral growth.

It's truly amazing that anybody still has the brass to trot out this old scare. It's yet more evidence that Warmists are only pseudo-scientists.

It is interesting how the same people who claim evolution as their most cherished belief, have zero understanding of the principles behind it - environmental stress, natural selection, adaption and migration.

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