Another useless emergency-call operator

If it doesn't fit in precisely to a category on their computer screen they ignore the call. Nothing has been learned since the death of David Iredale 5 years ago, apparently

TWO frantic 000 calls by a woman who was murdered minutes later went unheeded after an emergency operator was unable to obtain precise information and did not pass the request for attendance to police.

James John Potter, 24, was committed yesterday to stand trial for the murder of Penelope "Penny" Pratt, 27, who was shot three times after an argument over a $160 drug debt on November 28 last year.

"I'm in the vicinity of being heard, do you understand what that means ... trust me, you want to get to this address," Ms Pratt was recorded saying during one of the 000 calls at 11.28pm, replayed in Melbourne Magistrates' Court.

"You're going to get me bashed," she said moments later in frustration at not being able to give her exact location other than a street, suburb and nearby hospital. "I'm hiding in a bush answering your questions," an agitated Ms Pratt said, adding there were "three violent offenders" after her.

"If I can't hear you, how am I to help you?" the operator said at one point. Ms Pratt is heard to say she is hiding and in fear, then giving her name and mobile phone number to the 000 operator.



  1. I hope that useless operator lost her job. It's not hard to hear that Penny was fearing for her life. She is at least partially responsible for her death! If police were called, she may still be alive today.

  2. It disgusts me that the last voice Penny likely heard was from this unsympathetic, argumentative, excuse for a human being. I hope this operator understands fully that she aided the killers of this young mother. The circumstances of her call for help are beside the point...she did what we're all told to do if we feel our lives or someone else's life is in danger. Penny did that and instead of receiving help she had to waste valuable time ARGUING with that useless bitch whose job it was to help her!

  3. Penny, I'm so sorry you couldn't have spoken with a kind, loving and helpful person when you were so afraid. I hope you're at peace now.


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