Australian public broadcaster censored for "racism" by Apple

The censored show is a comedy competition run by a very "proper" organization. It is just the title of the show that is "offensive" apparently
"The ABC has pleaded with Apple to reconsider its censoring of its top-selling Spicks and Specks app after it was deemed too racist by iTunes.

The ABC show - hosted by Adam Hills - is named after a Bee Gees song but the word "spick" is often used as a derogatory term in the US for people of Latin American descent.

The broadcaster has asked iTunes to reconsider its decision to amend it to S***ks and Specks, after it surged to No.1 on the local entertainment app chart.

"iTunes is a US-based platform and it automatically censors words which are considered accidentally offensive in America," an ABC spokesman said. "We've asked Apple to review it for the Australian audience."


"Spick" was once used to some extent in Australia as a derogatory term for Italians but it is many years since I have heard it. The young guns at the ABC were probably genuinely unaware of its derogatory use.

So even a Left-leaning organization can become unglued by political correctness. This business of people having to watch their mouth all the time is getting almost Stalinist. It's certainly very oppressive.


  1. No, you mustn't call greasy types "spicks". They are more correctly called "spics".

  2. I have an idea it was short for "despicable" but there may be other origins

  3. I think it comes from "no spic a English".


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