UK Government Goes MAD: Plans to Airlift Fish to "Cope With Global Warming"

The British Government appears to have been poisoned with LSD or a similar hallucinogen, and has announced that it will be releasing more than ONE HUNDRED reports on how it intends to cope with global warming.

The first of the reports, due to be released later this week, will lay out plans - apparently in all seriousness - to airlift fish from areas like the lake district hundreds of miles north to Scotland. As The Ministry of Truth reports:
Fish from the Lake District will be moved to cooler waters in Scotland under radical plans - which will be unveiled this week - aimed at coping with climate change.

The first seven of more than 100 reports by government agencies and utility companies will set out how Britain needs to change to cope with hotter summers and wetter winters. They will highlight the risks - and potential costs - of more landslides, buckled railway lines, crumbling water pipes and rising sea levels threatening lighthouses around the coast. Officials say the studies are needed because levels of carbon emissions mean climate change over the next four decades is unavoidable

You have to marvel at the complete circularity of the reasoning presented by this palpably barking mad idea. This is necessary because it's going to get very hot - and why is it going to get very hot? Because of the amount of carbon dioxide being released.

Thus, even though temperatures in the UK have shown no discernible change from normal, despite Co2 emissions going up and up, the government is spending a fortune in taxpayer's money to fund 100 reports on how we're going to cope. Madness.


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