Another Nazi comparison from a Warmist

The writer clearly knows that the comparison is faulty but cannot resist using it anyway

To use an admittedly extreme example, when you're doing a story about the Holocaust, you don't need to balance it by quoting a neo-Nazi. Nor is it "showing balance" to quote a climate-change denier in every story about global warming --not when scientists who study these issues have concluded with rare, near-universal fervor that climate change is not only real but presents an existential threat to civilization as we know it, if not to our species.


Amusingly, the writer above started out his article with this: "In the new landscape, we can't be passive anymore. We must be skeptical but open-minded, questioning everything". Again, he knows what he should do but just can't do it. It's just amazing how corrosive to the mind Warmism can be. The wish to see yourself as a Messiah overwhelms everything else in some people.

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