British tour company criticised for offering Hitler tour

Must not learn about the history of Nazism:
"British tour leaders faced criticism over plans to take 30 tourists on a luxury $3100 trip through Germany to visit sites associated with the Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler. The eight-day trip in June - titled "Face of Evil: The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich" - has been sanctioned by German authorities.

The itinerary includes visits to sites such as the spot where Hitler committed suicide, the lakeside villa where the Holocaust was planned and the Sachsenhausen concentration camp.

But critics claimed that the trip risked becoming a "perverse pilgrimage" in honour of Hitler. "German historians have confronted the Nazi past with seriousness," said David Cesarani, a British expert on the Nazi period. "But there is a danger of sensationalism when it is incorporated in what I'd call a holiday tour."


Leftists treating adults like children again. I suppose they live in horror of people finding out how Leftist Nazism was.

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