Contempt for Australians from Australia's Leftist Federal government

Gillard pledges $500M to Indonesia for Islamic schools

Gillard promises $160M to Vietnam for new bridge

Gillard offers $45M to aid Indonesia for climate change

So how much did she donate to Queensland flood victims?

Wait for it ....

A token $1M.

After pressure on her some increase will no doubt flow through but her initial reaction shows her priorities -- and it's not Australians. Getting Kevvy a United Nations seat is another matter, however: No expense spared to buy that.


  1. It SHOULD be - sorry folks- something has just come up at home and the taxpayers come first.

    SHOULD be...

  2. They always start off with a token $1M.

    The floods will provide Gillard with the perfect opportunity to back away from returning the budget to surplus. Just as the GFC gave them the excuse to dump billions of dollars into stimulus, this flood crisis will allow them to keep on spending on.


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