Extra £3bn overseas aid would have kept Harrier jet fighters flying for 20 years

Golden bedsteads for African dictators are top priority for Britain's centrist government. Too bad Britain will have no aircraft to put on its new aircraft carriers

British aid projects abroad are to be ‘branded’ with the Union Jack in an attempt to stem growing public anger over the amount spent on international development.

While most Government departments suffered savage cuts in last week’s Spending Review, foreign aid will rise by £3.1 billion by 2014. The amount is enough to keep the 80-strong Harrier jump jet fleet – which will be axed under the cuts – in the air for 20 years. Alternatively, it would pay for the building of 310 primary schools, or overturn the scrapping of child ­benefit for high earners.

A new Mail on Sunday/BPIX poll shows that four out of five voters think it was wrong to protect aid-spending while cutting defence.


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  1. Absolute BS, the British will rise up soon, the Liberal Democrat/Labour/Conservative governments have got their priorities completely wrong, and i can only hope this will show at election time. Bring on the nationalists !


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