Some miscellaneous notes

Horror stories about Britain's socialized medicine system are more or less routine on my EYE ON BRITAIN blog but the story leading yesterday's posts I found particularly disturbing. It will certainly horrify anyone with libertarian views. You have no right to go to hell in your own way in Britain. On AUSTRALIAN POLITICS there are also often stories about failures of government medical care -- two stories today, of which one is reproduced below.

I have recently added a few things to my sidebar on DISSECTING LEFTISM. My comments on monarchy might evoke a few responses from some American readers.

As regular readers here will be aware, in addition to my political blogs which I update daily, I have two irregularly updated blogs which I put up mainly for my own amusement -- my Personal blog and Paralipomena . I gather that some readers here do occasionally look at them so I thought I might note that I have added a bit to both in recent times.

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