The Great Climate Clash

Dr. Eric Grimsrud and Dr. Ed Berry both live in Flathead County, Montana. As a result of their Letters to the Editor in the Daily Inter Lake, they agreed to conduct an online debate open to the general public. While they live in what many consider a remote part of America, their Climate Clash debate is relevant to all of America even into the Halls of Congress.

Dr. Ed's first post reviewed "The Scientific Method." Dr. Eric followed by suggesting the problem of AGW is too complex for the scientific method. Dr. Ed concludes with his challenge to Dr. Eric:

"A refusal by Dr. Eric to agree to using the Scientific Method as the one and only method for verifying the AGW hypothesis, will be an admission of defeat. This will be clear evidence that AGW is based upon pseudo-science and is a fraud. The debate will be over."

Details here

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