Britain has crazy immigration priorities too

Why would ANY country try to keep out highly skilled workers while consciously letting untold numbers of illegals live there?

The government's interim immigration cap has left one of the UK's major research universities able to recruit or keep only 78 "skilled" overseas academics this year - and the permanent cap could bring further reductions.

The UK Border Agency has given each university a quota on recruitment from non-European Union countries under Tier 2 of the points-based immigration system, which covers "skilled workers". The quotas cover new visas - and renewals for existing staff - between 19 July 2010 and 31 March 2011, when the permanent cap will be imposed.

University College London, which has more than 4,000 staff, said it had been allowed just 78 places under the interim cap.

Universities are trying to bridge the gap by recruiting under Tier 1, which covers "highly skilled workers". In this category, however, the skills threshold is higher and the number of visas allocated is subject to a monthly national cap.

The UKBA's consultation on the permanent cap, which closed last month, has caused concern among universities by suggesting that Tier 2 visas could be closed to them.

The consultation document notes that there is a "strong case" for granting Tier 2 visas only to migrants with skills that are in "national shortage". This could have disastrous implications for universities because academics are not currently on the National Shortage Occupation List.

Universities UK voiced the sector's concerns in the consultation.

Many institutions believe that the UKBA has failed to appreciate that academic careers are inherently international and that the lengthy training period for new entrants means universities cannot rapidly switch to a "British-only" policy.

The universities of Oxford and Cambridge would not comment on their exact allocations.

But a Cambridge spokeswoman said: "The government's current visa-quota proposals threaten our ability to recruit both the academic leaders of today and the exceptional young talent from which will grow the Nobel prizewinners of tomorrow."



  1. Its rediculous though, i go into the local TAFE where i study and i'm about the only white English speaking Australian there. It's an absolute joke, I also know of many Australians who have failed to get a place in TAFE courses yet we seem to have an over abundance of internationals in our TAFEs and Universities, the bulk of which seem to do cookery and hairdressing, cheat the system to gain permentent residency.


    is worth a read

    there are a number of issues

    1 the labour party in power opened the flood gates of immigration on purpose in the uk as a way of changing the face of the country, as has been exposed by their insiders letting the secrets out

    2 the indian outsourcers tata, infosys, cognizant, wipro et al have been allowed to flood the uk with workers on intra company trasnfer visas displacing brits from the workforce, stealing british IP, moving work to indian, bring in racist indian practises (you have to see how bad it is to believe it), and so much more. the indian outsourcing movement is an enemy of all thats good and true in the world and needs to be understoof for what it is - it treats its own staff as slaves.

    3 indian nationals in the uk on a work visa move onto indefinite leave to remain far too easily

    4 far too many families in the uk on work visas filling the schools up with their kids who all get free state schooling and there are not the spaces to support them, same with nhs too many work visa holders and their families

    5 indian ICT visa entrants in the uk get significant tax dispensations which help them further undercut local workforce

    6 ICT visas are not capped despite they hype from new government

    so its all a little more complex but large probalems are caused by the indian outsourcing movement in the uk and the british people will not put up with it forever despite a pro immigration bbc and political class

  3. Jack, you say you can speak English but you sure can't spell it.


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