Heavy metal fan charged over T-shirt

Speech laws are rarely enforced in Queensland but I suppose there are limits

A heavy metal music fan could face six months in jail over an allegedly offensive T-shirt. Alexsei Vladmir Nikola, 34, was due to appear in court this morning on public nuisance charges after Brisbane police officers allegedly saw him wearing the shirt on George Street on May 6.

The shirt allegedly featured the words "Jesus is a c---" in large letters and shows a picture of a semi-naked, masturbating nun.

The fashion item is believed to be merchandise of the gothic-metal band Cradle of Filth. The English band have a reputation for provocative and elaborate concerts and feature band members in corpse-like make up.

Mr Nikola, of Runcorn in Brisbane's south, was due to appear in Brisbane Magistrates Court today but his case was adjourned in his absence. He has not yet entered a plea to the charge.

The offence of public nuisance is characterised by behaviour that interferes, or is likely to interfere with the peaceful passage through, or enjoyment of, a public place by a member of the public. The charge carries a maximum fine of $1000 or six months' jail.



  1. I think an appropriate penalty would be for this punk to be forced to walk around the streets of Lakemba, wearing a sandwich board that says, "Mohammed Fucks Babies." I'm not a practising Christian, but this guy is obviously picking on a soft target, because if he tried it wiht a shirt that slagged off at Islam, he would be history. By the way, I realise that the offence took place in Queensland, not NSW.

  2. Too right, Phil.
    deeply offensive as this fool's Jesus T shirt is to most people, our resident Religion of Peace personnel would have ensured that the equivalent Mo T shirt wearer would not have been required to attend court.

  3. After you, Phil, oh man of action.

  4. Thanks, Anonymous. By the way, that's a stunningly original name behind which to hide.
    I am also humbled by the depth of intellect displayed by the comment. In the immortal words of Buzz Lightyear, "You're, err, mocking me, right?"


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