"Boobies" is a forbidden word in some humorless U.S. public schools

It's basically just jokey wording for a serious cause and I'm betting that the normal language in the playgrounds contains words a lot cruder than that. Why not put some energy into working on really bad language instead?

"They're part fashion accessory and part political statement, those little plastic bracelets that come in a rainbow of colors and proclaim support for a variety of worthy causes.

But when Fresno-area students started wearing cancer-support bracelets that read "I Love Boobies," school officials drew the line. Or tried to, at least.

Among districts banning the bracelets is Clovis Unified... Fresno Unified officials reacted similarly - at first. They confiscated about 30 bracelets last week before administrators met to discuss why students were wearing them, spokeswoman Susan Bedi said.

District officials then decided that the goal of raising money for breast cancer was important and returned the bracelets, Bedi said. "Breast cancer has touched so many families, and some students feel this is very important to them," she said.

There have been scattered news reports across the U.S. of schools banning the bracelets and, in some cases, disciplining students for wearing them.

An American Cancer Society spokeswoman said the program is aimed at young people. "This campaign is targeting teen years and college ages so that they can empower themselves to be advocates for their own bodies," said Charaign Sesock, an American Cancer Society spokeswoman in Visalia, Calif.


And then there are Galapagos Boobys, of course:

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