The incomparable Pat Condell on the Ground Zero mosque


  1. Pat Condell you loveable atheist hahahah

  2. 1. It's not a mosque.
    2. It's not at Ground Zero.

    Facts. Try to get 'em right, lads.

  3. Toaf is back!

    Quibbling as usual

    How's your "black" wife going, Toaf?

  4. Ah yes. Talking fact is "quibbling". Welcome to John's world of "research". No response to the two factual errors, mind you.

    (And your "black" quote demonstrates - again - how you deal with facts when you think no one is looking. You're a classy Nazi, John.)

  5. See what Ray did there? Responded to factual errors with a retort about the race of your wife.

    John 'Ting Tong' Ray - the thinking man's fascist.

  6. LOL

    The Brainiacs are back!

    Unable to figure out what a quibble is and unwilling to admit that Toaf has been guilty of far greater inaccuracy of statement in the past

    And I would be delighted to hear how a libertarian could be a Nazi

    Just the usual empty abuse one expects from Leftists

  7. And I would be delighted to hear how a libertarian could be a Nazi

    A 'libertarian' (I thought you were a 'conservative'?) would be a Nazi if, like you, they were a member of a Nazi party for a few years. Also, holding crank theories of racial superiority (like you) doesn't do much to dispel the goose-stepping image, Jon von Ray.

  8. "It's not a mosque. It's not at Ground Zero."

    Wow, you've explained things so clearly, Toaf. Makes me wonder why there's any fuss at all?

  9. To thie idiot known as "TOAF" Part of it is in fact a mosque, the rest of the complex is a community center. It whilst not being AT Ground Zero is only a mere two blocks away, and furthermore the initiative to build this eyesore is the Cordoba initiative, and the Building was to be called Cordoba house, do a bit of research on the Reconquista and the Moorish/Spanish wars in the medieval period.


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