Oregon teen admits hate crime hoax

Yet another one for the file. Americans are just not racist ENOUGH, so racist statements have to be fabricated
"The 16-year-old son of a Happy Valley family was found to be responsible for racial graffiti and threats found at the home earlier this week.

Sang Huynh and his family told police they found a note on their house Monday that told them to leave. "Last warning. We will burn your house down if we have to," it read.

Along with the note was a book of matches and bottle full of gasoline, said Clackamas County Sheriff's Office spokesman Det. Jim Strovink. The house also appeared to been vandalized with spray-painted racial slurs, he said.

Clackamas County investigators said the boy was "very remorseful about his conduct."


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  1. What part of the name "Happy Valley" does this kid not get?


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