Australian book burner faces inquiry from employer QUT over Bible, Koran video

He could lose his job but being an atheist might save him

"A lawyer who videoed himself smoking what appeared to be joints made with pages from the Bible and the Koran will have to explain himself to his employer.

In the video, posted on YouTube, Alex Stewart compares cigarettes made with pages from the two holy texts. In the clip, titled “Bible or Koran - which burns best?”, the professed atheist says burning religious books is no big deal and people need to get over it.

But his employer, the Queensland University of Technology, may have a different perspective. The university today issued a statement confirming the man in the clip is a staff member and would be asked to explain himself. “QUT is tolerant of all religions and does not condone damage to any religious artefacts,” QUT registrar Dr Carol Dickenson said.

Mr Stewart has told The Courier-Mail the video was a joke and he does not do drugs. The green substance used in the video was actually grass clippings, he said. He defended the stunt, saying basic freedoms, such as freedom of speech, should not be threatened simply because someone might be offended.


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  1. He also said, when a journalist/reporter shoved a microphone in his face, that it's not about a book, it's about what you believe.


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