Silvio is at it again

The man is irrepressible. Definitely one of my top favorite politicians. The Mayor of London -- Boris Johnson -- and Sarah Palin are the other two. All three are good-humored people, unlike the sour whiners of the Left.

Report below from "The Guardian", Britain's major leftist newspaper
"Silvio Berlusconi has chosen to woo a youth rally with jokes about Adolf Hitler and his own sexual prowess.

He launched into a series of anecdotes and apparent jokes that promptly drew accusations of anti-Semitism and even mental instability from opposition politicians.

The former cruise ship entertainer told a joke in which Adolf Hitler is begged by his supporters to return to power after they discover he is still alive. After resisting, Hitler says: "I'll come back, but on one condition ... next time I'm going to be evil."

Fabio Evangelisti, a member of parliament for the opposition Italy of Values party, demanded Berlusconi apologise to Israel and the Italian Jewish community. The party's leader, Antonio Di Pietro, said: "At this point the problem is not political or judicial, but psychiatric."


Amusing how the "Guardian" loftily refers to Silvio as the "former cruise ship entertainer". That he is a savvy media mogul and billionaire is not mentioned. How they hate him!

There is a video at the link which is worth watching. It gives you the full version of his Hitler joke. It has subtitles in English.


  1. Clearly Berlusconi cracked the joke in the interests of research.

  2. That's pretty funny. I've heard that joke before, but the punch line was "OK, but this time no more Mister Nice Guy".

    Clearly Toaf displaying a typical leftist's sense of humour, doesn't get it.


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