Coakley wishes for Catholic-free ERs

Life News - Massachusetts Senate candidate Martha Coakley is coming under fire today for comments showing her attacking the conscience rights of pro-life Catholics. In a Thursday interview, Coakley is asked whether doctors and nurses working in a hospital emergency room have religious freedom. Because they oppose dispensing the morning after pill because it can sometimes cause an abortion she says Catholics should not be allowed to work in hospital emergency rooms.

...Deal Hudson, a Catholic writer for, tells that there doesn't appear to be "any limit to the anti-Catholicism of pro-abortion 'Catholic' politicians. If politicians like Coakley are put in charge of 'health care reform' the day may come when orthodox Catholics will be excluded from any medical services where they might decide not to provide an abortion, prescribe contraception, or euthanize a suffering patient," Hudson laments.
You can bet your bottom dollar that day is coming, already these shitbags are calling for those who don't agree with murdering the unborn to be excluded from work. If leftists ever get their wishes for public health and death panels, you think they'll let any one of you stand in the way of getting rid of grandpa and grandma. It's plainly obvious unless your some sort of dumbass or came down with last night's shower, there is no room for dissent or differing opinion in the progressives wretched utopia.

Do the right thing Massachusetts, kick this fool to the kerb.

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  1. As the current saying goes on some blogs. 'Poke her with a fork...I think she is done'. Even Obama can't resurrect her.


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