Madness in the west

Daily Mail - A crazed immigrant who stabbed to death two doctors has won the right to stay in Britain - because he would be a threat to the public if deported to his homeland. A judge has ruled that sending Laith Alani back to Iraq would also be a breach of his human rights. Alani has spent most of the last 19 years in a secure hospital after he killed two NHS consultants in a frenzied attack because he believed he had received a 'command from Allah'. ...Alani, 41, who is likely to be released in the near future, has been receiving the drug clozapine on the NHS for ten years.
Yes, you read right, the judge doesn't want him deported because he'll most likely kill some Iraqis back there, but given that he's going to be released anyway, it's apparently better that he kill Brits than Iraqis. A British judge considers an Iraqi life more valuable than one of his own countrymen.

Now that's an example of cultural suicide that even the dumbest of lefties ought to understand. It'll be interesting to see if the judge would feel the same way if alani were rushing at him with a switchblade screaming 'allah akbar'.

Funny thing is, this seems to be an acknowledgment from the British elite that Iraq is a dangerous place, but at the very moment when these dangerous parasites are paving the way for this mad jihadi, they're also busy trying to screw over the very people that went to Iraq to make it a better place.
Daily Mail - ...Thousands of anti-war protesters are expected to form a gauntlet of hate for the former Prime Minister on Friday as he attempts to justify Britain's involvement in the controversial conflict. He is also a target for Muslim extremists raging at his decision to invade Iraq. Mr Blair's six-hour appearance before the Chilcot Inquiry is being described as his 'Judgment Day' for sending British forces to topple Saddam Hussein, which cost the lives of 179 troops.
So many years ago, a murderous tyrant was toppled, mass-murder and butchering was stopped, and still the gauntlet of hate cannot bring themselves to forgive those that dared to fight against evil. How could you kill Saddam! Remember the genocide against the Kurds, the mass slaughter of the Shiites, the rape and torture rooms.

The same shit that was under Saddam still happens in many parts of the world today, North Korea, Zimbabwe, Burma etc. But ever hear of any 'gauntlet of hate' protesting that or doing anything about that? But you go and physically do something to stop it and before you're even started the 'gauntlet of hate' will be at your door!

It's like seeing a couple of thugs on the street corner beating the shit out of a woman and her babies and then physically stopping anyone else for trying to put a stop to it! How dare you stop mass murder!

And the western world wonders why it is in so much shit.


  1. A lot of things out of Britain defy belief JPT, it's really sad and i feel for you folks trying to resist the nutjobs.

  2. Words fail me.

    What a tragedy Britain has become.

  3. We're all heading that way Betsy, unfortunately we seem unwilling to learn from others mistakes.


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