Weak as just boiled noodles

The Australian - TONY Abbott urges women to save their virginity for marriage and reveals mixed feelings about contraception in a new interview. After conducting a charm offensive over the summer break and rejecting suggestions his conservative social views were a turnoff to women, the Liberal leader has been subjected to a grilling in the next edition of the Australian Women's Weekly about his views on sex, marriage and his own daughters' virginity. The new Liberal leader is understood to have suggested men and women should try and adhere to “the rules” when it comes to sex before marriage and when they can't he has conceded they should use contraception.
Good on him I say, but apparently the above views have caused a bit of a kerfuffle. For those of you who don't know, Tony Abbott is the federal opposition leader and if elected will be the next Prime Minister of Australia, which I suppose is part of the reason why the elitists in weekly whine have their panties in a knot. On a side note, he is the leader of the Liberal party, which in Australia is the more conservative of the mainstream parties, moving on.

Go ahead and read the above article and you’ll see that Mr. Abbott is not calling for some new law requiring that women be checked for virginity or something. No, he ain’t calling for the sex police to kick doors down in the middle of the night and demand a marriage certificate. All he is doing is urging, yes just urging, like telling a fool about to jump off a bridge, no don’t do it. He is just urging women to keep their legs closed until they get married.

I’d do the same, simply because that’s the easiest way to get ahead in life and it also happens to be the best environment to raise children. We have so much research and evidence that children in married families (just mother & father, sorry gayboys) are far more likely to grow up and succeed in life than the kids of the town slut and/or the single mother. It’s not to say that all such children turn to crap, but a lot of them do and it’s not like I want this to happen, it’s just the way it is.

Having said all this, Mr. Abbott is not saying that you should be banned from going out every night and sleeping in a different bed with a different man. I’m told that this is somehow empowering for modern women, personally I think it’s a crock of shit, but hey, if you want to be the town slut and as long as I don’t have to pay for the consequences, you go girlfriend.

One of the things I’ve noticed about liberals or lefties is that they can’t seem to stand anyone voicing an opinion that’s not in line with their own, the reasons are not the same for all of them, for some it’s just in their nature to hate those that won’t bend to their will, those are the liberal fascists. For the other ones, I think that it’s because their beliefs are as weak as just-boiled-noodles. You see deep down inside, they know their deviant ways only lead to disaster, they know that we’re right but they’ve managed to find a way to ignore reality and the evidence. Correct me if I’m wrong, it’s group-think isn’t it.

Whatever you call it, they think their stupidity is validated if everyone thinks the same and agrees, if everyone said that copious fornication is good then it must be good. Never mind the herpes, the emptiness, the broken lives etc. But unfortunately this group-think is very fragile, weak like just-boiled-noodles, anyone in the group straying or someone calling the group on their stupidity can spell disaster.

Hence, views like simply urging women to keep their legs closed is framed as, shut up and get back in the kitchen, and can never be tolerated. It’s quite amusing to watch and the above reminds me of the incoherent braying from the left when Sarah Palin dared to keep her baby with Down Syndrome and refused to slaughter him whilst still in her body. It’s been more than a year, but I’m sure there still are leftist cockroaches out there who feel sour and upset that she dared to have the baby anyway.


  1. http://www.gloria.tv/?media=41992

    Women carry the genetic material, gentic memory and the very essence of each encounter with them for the rest of their lives.

    No wonder there are so many schizoid, unstable and empty shells of females providing sexual services for broken dropkick males with nothing left in their life but kicking the next goal.

    There are forces out there that derive pleasure from inducing others to forego their innocence in the pursuit of misery. They feed on it, gloat at their omnipotence of their "power" and can only be described as the existential manifestation of "evil".

    A Pedo gloats at his "power" over the innocent child in the same manner as these weasels do. They search out innocence only because they seek to defile it. They despise it because they themselves have NONE.

  2. That's a very courageous statement for Tony Abbott to make. If he really wanted to play it safe with the media he'd come out as a gay man, or someone who'd once belonged to an eco-terrorist group.

    But to defend conservative values ! What !

  3. A very good comment there Prudeus!

    Abbott personifies morality and the rabid left can't handle something that they themselves lack!

  4. I heard Tony Abbott on the radio this morning, apparently the piece in the magazine acknowledges that these questions are not usually asked to other politicians. He also only answered the questions because they were asked of him.

    The scumbaggery of the media in this country really astounds me. Recently he was photographed wearing budgie smugglers on the beach and there was a national whine about it and how we shouldn't be subjected to such sights.

    The obvious escapes the retards, if you don't want to see pics of men in underwear then don't take pictures of them and put it on the front page. If you don't want to hear the personal opinions of a politician on things you don't want to talk about, then don't ask him for them.

    But as we all know, that's not what this is about, it's only done so that he can be painted in the worst light possible, after all their gayboy leading the country down the toilet ain't man enough to go man-to-man with Tony Abbott on the real issues.

  5. Abbott is that rare politician who gives a direct answer to a direct question. Of course his comments are then deliberately misconstrued. In particular by one Julia Gillard. Abbott pointed out his comments were directed to his own children and not women in general and further restrained himself from pointing out the willfully barren Gillard is not going to be required to pass on any parental advice to anyone, instead politely suggesting that she hadn't read the article.

    The attacks on Abbott are just another example why so many politicians are nothing more than lying sacks of shit. Who can blame them when this is what happens when they speak honestly? It just means the ones who are naturally sacks of shit get a free pass.

  6. MK, I'll take it you're not married. Are you a virgin?

  7. Because I agree with Tony Abbott. Male or female, virginity should be kept until marriage. I should hope you have the same standards for yourself that you have for women.

  8. Anonymous, when it comes to similar standards for men and women, where do you stand on shaving armpits and legs?

  9. How can you compare grooming standards to sexual standards? One is based on appearance, the other decent Christian morality. Your attempt to catch me out has failed.

  10. There we have it from Anonymous. Cleanliness is not next to godliness after all.

  11. Are you saying that not shaving legs is immoral in the same way having sex before marriage is?

    I can only assume from your responses that you believe in different standards for men and women in regards to sexual morality.

  12. Anon, what do you make of all the hoopla surrounding all this? Are all the women caterwauling at Tony justified?

  13. Answer my question MK. I have oft noted that you don't respond to people, you merely ask questions designed to trap like AR tried and failed to do.

    Do you believe that Abbott's comments extend to men as well, or should only females practice abstinance?

  14. "Answer my question MK."

    Is that like an order or something, so what's going to happen if i don't, are you going to have a heart attack and keel over? Are you that interested in knowing?

    "I have oft noted that you don't respond to people...."

    Did you note this in a note book or just in that head of yours, do you have an actual count or did you just pull that out of your ass? While i'm at it, who are you exactly, and why are you frightened of revealing yourself.

    "...you merely ask questions designed to trap like AR tried and failed to do."

    No traps here for you chump, but don't hold me responsible if you make a fool of yourself. i'm merely asking, what do you make of the hoopla surrounding all this? Are all the women caterwauling at Tony justified?

    "Do you believe that Abbott's comments extend to men as well...."

    What do you think, did you ask Tony Abbott?

  15. So I'll take it that you're not a virgin, unmarried and therefore a hypocrite.

    Why should you enjoy pre-marital sex when women can't?

  16. Anonymous, who says women can't enjoy pre-marital sex? You're just doing it all wrong.

  17. "So I'll take it that you're not a virgin, unmarried and therefore a hypocrite."

    So quick to make assumptions, but go ahead if you want, as if you hadn't made up your thick skull before you arrived here in your quest to find out about MK's personal life.

    anon, I'll take it that you're not a virgin or unmarried either and just a lying leftist shitbag who laid a stupid trap and now has to go home with shit.

    "Why should you enjoy pre-marital sex when women can't?"

    Who said i did, where's your evidence to make such claims? Have i demanded a law somewhere that women would be forced to keep their legs closed. It's ok to be the town slut anon, i don't mind, i just don't want to pay when you get herpes and all that.

    What about all my questions -
    * Who are you exactly, and why are you frightened of revealing yourself from behind your notepad?
    * What do you make of the hoopla surrounding all this?
    * Are all the women caterwauling at Tony justified or just hysterical ninnies?
    * Did you ask all the others who support Abbott if they are unmarried and virgins before they dared to comment? If not, why not? If so, where is the proof?

  18. Oh, cool! The Anonymouse is trying to play "Gotcha!"

  19. The funny thing is Ilíon, he/she/undecided noted that i often don't answer questions, but for some reason he/she/undecided that they really had what it took to 'make' me answer.

  20. It was cleat to me from Anonymouse's first post (even before reading the subsequent ones) that he was trying to play "Gotcha!"


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