Who can blame them

News.com.au - ASYLUM seekers have gathered at the Christmas Island Immigration Detention Centre (CIIDC) to protest against lengthy visa processing times, refugee advocates say. A group of Tamils from Sri Lanka had gathered in the detention centre grounds brandishing signs drawing parallels to the processing time of asylum seekers from the Oceanic Viking to the processing times in the CIIDC, Project SafeCom spokesman Jack Smit said. While the claims of asylum seekers on board the Oceanic Viking had been processed in six weeks, detainees at the CIIDC are frustrated at a processing time of up to 11 months, refugee advocates claim.
They have a point don't they, back when the Tamils took over the Oceanic Viking, all they did was hold firm and refuse to get off and kevin rudd promptly blinked, lost bladder control, dropped his sauce bottle, whined like just-kicked-dog and gave them everything they wanted.

So the precedent is set, now everyone wants a piece of the fairy to get in and who can blame them, bullying and thuggery is the easiest way to get into free-go Australia, formerly the land of the fair-go. Over to you kevvie, careful with the wheeties chump, don't want to spill that milk too.


  1. You'll notice boats don't get stopped in Indon waters any more. Odd, eh?

  2. They know who's the panty-waist in this game.

  3. Just as members of a democracy will eventually realise they can just vote themselves free stuff, asylum seekers eventually realise they can protest their way to the lands of 'free stuff'.


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