Why is academe so Leftist?

The NYT has just come out with some half-reasonable thoughts on that and I have added a few comments in my leading post today on EDUCATION WATCH. For readers in a hurry, however, I will repeat below my preamble to the article:
There is much that is reasonable in the NYT article below but it ignores the numerous reports from conservative academics of the discriminatory treatment that they have received in their workplaces. My own experience is typical. Probably because I was an obvious high-flyer from the beginning, I was APPOINTED (at age 27) with tenure. I didn't have to wait for tenure. So when they found out that I was a conservative, they could not kick me out. But they COULD block my promotion. And they did. Although I was in some years getting as much published in the journals as the whole of the rest of the Department put together, I only ever managed to get one step up the ladder. With the amount I was getting published, I should have FLOWN up the ladder.

Another thing the article below ignores is that the unrealistic ideas of Leftists make them unsuitable for work in business. My realistic conservative ideas meant that I did well in both business and academe but the only Leftist I know who went into business eventually went broke. Academe is a refuge for dreamers who couldn't make it elsewhere. I look at the issues concerned in greater detail here

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  1. As an academic a leftist gets to live out its totalitarian fantasies. What better for a leftist's ego than to be in charge of someone's future? If you don't comply to leftist diktat you get kicked out of the course. Getting tenure for a leftist dictator wannabe (we all know leftists never met a dictator they didn't love), is akin to declaring yourself El Presidente For Life.

    Ambitions to be a dictator could also explain leftist predominance among movie directors. It's a lot easier than taking over a country and as a pocket-Hitler you don't need to leave as many bodies...

  2. "....the unrealistic ideas of Leftists make them unsuitable for work in business."

    Not just in Academia, you'll find a lot of them in the arts industry as well, the more the industry is funded by tax dollars, the more of them you'll find in it and you can bet your tax dollars that most of what they churn out will be shit and/or insulting to those who pay them.

  3. A post full of copied-and-pasted stupidity and then Godwin's Law in the first dickhead comment. You can count on AWH to maintain its high standards of fuckwittery!


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