The lefties will be so proud

El Universal - French-owned retail chain Éxito supermarkets will be seized for "violation of Venezuelan laws," President Hugo Chávez ordered. He instructed the relevant authorities to file a proceeding against the chain that is run by Colombian retailer Almacenes Éxito, while a law allowing the nationalization of companies that have raised prices after the devaluation announced two weeks ago is enacted.

The four expropriated supermarkets will become part of the Socialist Market Corporation (Comerso), along with shopping mall Sambil located in La Candelaria (downtown Caracas), which is under construction and could be converted into a "mixed" market, but it would not become a mall, said Chávez.
Once again the socialist pustule hugo chavez drags his nation further down the path to ruin in the name of socialism. Apparently there have been multiple violations of Venezuelan laws by this company, more like violations of hugos dreamt-up bullshit. So anyone who invested in that company can kiss their money good bye. And the message is crystal clear to anyone toying with the idea of investing in Venezuela, don't bother coming here, at any point every cent you put in can turn to shit at the whim of a socialist pustule.

Eventually the pustule will run out of other people's money and assets to confiscate, however by then I'm sure hugo's bank account will be sitting nice and fat. And Venezuela will be just another worthless socialist shithole.


  1. I can picture this idiot swinging from a lamp post in the not too distant future.

  2. That maybe Nemesis, but tyrants like Chavez usually send a lot of innocent people to the gallows before they end up there themselves.

  3. Thanks folks.

    I hope so Nemesis, but i'll believe it when i see it.

    Like Eugene said, most tyrants live for far too long and the world pillories those that bring the few that are brought to justice.


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