Monckton in Newcastle

I went to the Christopher Monckton talk in the Newcastle Town Hall today, just making it back to my car before a thunderstorm hit. Monckton gave a wonderful talk to a packed town hall - I was in the top deck of this nice, old-style hall, looking down. Unfortunately Ian Plimer had to drop out at the last minute, but the organizers managed to get hold of the Professor of Hydrology from Newcastle University to do the introduction - in a thick Liverpudlian accent. Monckton repeated the word "Viscount" in an Australian accent (as he gets from Plimer), a Liverpudlian one (today) and said that at least it wasn't as bad as in Scotland where he's introduced as The Vacant Monckton.

Anyway, the talk was over an hour long, had quite a large amount of technical detail, and yet was riveting from start to finish. In my next life I want to be able to give public presentations of that quality. He started and finished emphasizing the moral dimension - the real consequences of lies and fashionable myths about climate catastrophes, which are already being seen in poor parts of the world due to the doubling of food prices caused by the ethanol scam - just one result of the AGW scare. As a regular reader of there wasn't much in the technical part of the talk that was new to me but seeing it all put together so well was very worthwhile.

Lord Monkton doesn't pretend to be a scientist, and he doesn't need to be one to take on the IPCC. The IPCC's deceptions may be hidden behind scientific language, but they are basically issues of manipulation and fraud that are not themselves sophisticated science. Although Monckton clearly does understand a lot of the science, and is very good at mathematics, he only uses that aspect to cut through the croft and show where the deceptions in the AGW scam are. Acting solely in his capacity as a journalist - with some knowledge of the subject, as journalists usually gain anyway - he has taken on the work of investigating and exposing these scientific frauds in the IPCC. He is doing a bang-up job.


  1. Thanks heavens for people like him, and notice how the media is so quiet over it, not a peep about him doing the rounds in Australia eh.

    No, no, they're far too busy on more important matters, like stirring up hate of Abbott and what underwear he's wearing today.

  2. Not a peep, MK? Get your head out of your arse and you'll find Monckton's visit has been reported by the commies at both Fairfax and the ABC.

  3. Any chance of a link to support your claim?

  4. 1. ABC news.
    2. Fairfax A and B.

    Research is not your strong suit, is it, ar(se)?

  5. Thanks for this, was wondering how Newcastle audience would take to it, I went last night to the Sydney presentation, it was a packed house, around 800, with around 250 people turned away at the door!
    People from Angry Anderson to Dick Smith turned up, with Alan Jones comparing.
    Did the audience get to ask any questions? The best one asked last night and most important was about the media's complicit silence in 'climategate' and the whole fraudulent science, and biased reporting. You are right, there is MINIMAL reporting in Australian media, and what reporting there is it is biased, leaning to the left gay socialist eco-fascist view point.

  6. I stand corrected, thanks Rob and fuck you.

  7. No thanks, MK. How about you go and fuck ar(se) like you usually do?

    Don't like being wrong, do you? Better get used to it.

  8. Hey Rob, go fuck your pig, like you usually do, don't come back here you piece of shit.

    No problem being wrong, but i have a problem with rude scum like you. So fuck off and don't come back.

  9. Hey, Anonymous, yes, the audience asked questions, though I could only stay for the first one which only asked if Monckton had heard of the farmer Peter Spencer. He knew all about the issue and gave a great summary of the situation - and used it to back his earlier point that both sides of politics have been complicit in this scam.

    The audience was overwhelmingly supportive with a few dissenters (a couple were right behind me) but even they got something to think about - if they ever decide to take up thinking.

  10. Hi Brett,

    No dissenters in Sydney thank god.. those paid left gay loonies and wannbe eco-fascists making trouble for their well backed eco-fascist masters are but lambs to the slaughter. A small lobotic fringe element stamped out by us, the silent majority.
    FYI - A video will be available of the Sydney presentation, via 2GB, possibly info from and somewhere on Youtube soon..... keep an eye out.
    Now we have to keep educating the ignorant and resistant to stop this ETS for a 3rd time, need to lobby Bob Baldwin up your way and all Liberal MPs.

  11. Research is best left to lackeys. My strong suit is in taking down leftist twats.

  12. Thank, anon.

    Monckton scored big when he brought it down to the local level and the concern for the mining industry in Newcastle. He noted that a lot of the union bosses are lying to their members about the impact of an ETS and suggested they get asked about their plans to join parliament with the ALP.

  13. Unions have had their day. We needed them once, but not anymore!

    The ALP thrives on the ladder climbing Union bosses who are more interested in paving their own political futures than in looking after their members.

    Communistic in outlook and communistic in practice which is about where the ALP is today!

    Good article Brett, I didn't attend Moncktons lecture as I feel I know enough about the Climate Change scam. He is very good at getting his message across!

  14. From the excellent agmates site referenced by anonymous above, here is a video of (virtually) the same talk as given at Newcastle. Local references aside and insults aside.


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