Hey obama, it ain't Ted Kennedy's seat

Fox News - President Obama's charm offensive didn't work in New Jersey or Virginia, where Republicans won crucial gubernatorial races in November. Will it work in Massachusetts? That remains to be seen, as Obama puts his prestige on the line again when he goes to the Bay State on Sunday to stump for Democratic nominee Martha Coakley, who is in a dead heat with Republican candidate Scott Brown for Ted Kennedy's Senate seat.

...In fact, the stakes are even higher for the president than they were in last year's gubernatorial races, as he seeks to avoid losing a critical 60th vote in the Senate for his signature health care overhaul that is nearing the finish line in Congress. If Brown wins Tuesday, Republicans pick up their 41st vote, which would be enough to sustain a filibuster and possibly kill the reform bill.

...John Feehery, a Republican consultant, told the Herald that the trip reeks of desperation for both Coakley and Obama. "It's a complete meltdown, and it doesn't seem to me that it will have much of an impact," Feehery said, adding that Democrats he's talked to are blaming Coakley. "You can always tell when Democrats are going to lose because they start blaming the candidate."
The White House is saying that Obama is not desperate and it's all just to help out his dear, dear, dear [have I said it enough times to sound convincing?], close, childhood friend, best buddy, pen pal etc to win this election for the poor people of Massachusetts who have been suffering under the yoke of cruel capitalism for centuries.... no wait!

The prattling from obama's lackeys aside, this is about obama and the left, don't bother crying to pollsters Massachusetts. The left don't give a shit if more than 50% or even 80% of you scream that he's taking the country in the wrong direction. I don't know for how long Americans have been saying that they're shit-scared of obama and where he's taking them. His disapproval rating has been in the toilet and that of Congress somewhere down in the sewer for months and years if I'm not mistaken.

But do you see any change in either. In truth you can take poll after poll, but they wouldn't give a shit what you think, they never did and never will. So don't bother sending messages via polls and protests, the only message that gets through to the left is when you take the power to harm you away from them. obama has too much power and he's using all of it to damage America.

So tell the pollsters to call back later Massachusetts and get your ass-kicking boots on. As Scott Brown said, it ain't Ted Kennedy's seat, it's your seat.


  1. Mississippi? Without a doubt.

    Alabama? Inevitable.

    Texas? A foregone conclusion.

    Having said that, I refuse to believe that - given all that the GOP has done to this once-great nation in the past decade - the good people of Massachusetts would be stupid enough to send a Republican to Washington at this point in our history.

    I'm sorry but I just refuse to believe it.


    Tom Degan
    Goshen, NY

  2. Get ready then Tom.

    Martha Coakley is in deep trouble- Scott Brown is running a great campaign, while Coakley's looks like amateur hour.

    This election should have been a breeze for her. That it isn't shows how much things are changing in this country.


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