Indians shouldn't feel safe here - POLICE have found knives, a machete and knuckledusters in a random search for weapons at a Melbourne railway station, days after Indian student Nitin Garg was stabbed nearby. ...The trial search-and-seize blitz, dubbed operation Omni, has been made possible by a beefing up of police powers and is expected to be expanded to other suburbs. Police have the power to search individuals at random for knives and other weapons in designated areas without a search warrant.
The assumption made here is that all these weapons confiscated by the police could only have been used as offensive weapons. It never occurs to anyone that someone might be carrying a knife to protect themselves from attackers. Have a look above, a fellow has already been stabbed to death, where were the police then. The PM of Australia and his deputy have been parading various public stages telling lies that Australia is safe, the flowers are booming and what not. Exactly how safe was Nitin Garg, I'll tell you, he's dead and none of them were there to help him.

So if anyone heard about the fate of this poor fellow and saw the obvious, that they really were not safe and decided to carry a weapon of some sort to defend themselves, there come the police running to take it from them and off you go chump, there's a nice fine and eff off bare-arsed and vulnerable. All most likely because the ass leading this nation decided that some heat needs to be turned up due to all the bad pr he's rightly getting. Sure they'll do some drive-by searching and what not, but in a few weeks it'll be over and everything will be back to normal.

Indians will be getting the crap kicked out of them, like everyone else, and the scumbags will be running free. But the Indians are not stupid, they see the reality for what it is, which is why the 'Indian student visa applications fall by half' in the latest statistics, various gasbags in leadership can prattle on about how tolerant and peace-loving we are, but the fellow's dead. To believe the gasbags over reality is just dumb, they like the rest of us are not safe here.

What we should have done from the beginning, instead of telling lies and spouting bullshit about how safe it is to be unarmed, is tell the students coming here that they're adults and as such they have responsibilities like protecting themselves. The law cannot be everywhere and this nation does not have an obligation to protect you 24/7 wherever you are and therefore, we will not hinder you from protecting yourself with what you deem necessary. The same applies to the rest of us here.

Until that happens, we best get used to our education industry and other industries taking a financial hit.

On a side note, there's a video on the above page of the coppers conducting random searches and if you pay attention, you'll see a couple of Indians being searched too, didn't they hear, it's the Indians getting the crap kicked out of them, bit odd that the victim is being searched isn't it. Sort of reminds me of the western response to islamic terrorism, always target the victim, when it's only muslims angling to blow up infidels, ensure that all infidels are delayed for hours on end through strip-searches and body-scans. Perhaps the Indians need to carry korans and become litigious.


  1. The real perpetrators are laughing and snickering at our weak and ineffective law enforcement efforts in reducing the 'racial' aspect of attacks against mainly Indian students.

    Frisk everyone for weapons, how original is that! And while those who are forced to arm to protect themselves are 'victimized' by politically correct police the real culprits, who reside away from the areas the police are 'saturating', get to keep their weapons.

  2. Are there details of the perp. available ? Where did it come from ?

  3. Are there details of the perp. available ? Where did it come from ?

  4. Exactly Nemesis.

    Not that i know of Anon, and i doubt they'll get the bastards, probably one of those wonderful somali savages for all we know, they're having quite a few problems with them down there.


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