Whence the sudden mania about transsexualism?

Up until quite recently, effeminate men and butch women had mostly found a happy home among homosexuals.  And they had flown quite under the radar.  They were mentioned only in passing.  Suddenly, however, a new rage-filled religion has emerged around such people.  Quite recently they have changed from being ignored by the Left to becoming the great new cause of the Left.  How come?

It's not hard to understand once you realize that the Left are the angry people and angry people need something or someone to be angry about.  They need someone to shout at and tear down and attack.  They need a "cause"

And their old causes  have mostly lost their steam.  The workers now mostly vote for Republicans so there is no longer any joy in patronizing them;  The battle for gay rights has been won and pitying blacks has become too obviously a failure. But more on that:

The Left once thought that the very low average economic success of blacks was the result of them being badly treated by the educational system. The "gap" between black and white success is huge there. But no matter what Leftist educators tried, the "gap" between black and white school results remained quite immovable.

And affirmative action was  not much of a remedy either. Blacks put into jobs for which they were poorly qualified tended not to do those jobs well and their children tended to do no better than other black kids. So equalizing blacks and whites was frustratingly elusive.  All the anger about black disadvantage clearly achieved nothing of substance.  Trying to equalize blacks became simply frustrating and boring.  Leftist anger changed  nothing

But the fact that blacks could not often be lifted up economically still cried out as a gross breach of the fundamental Letist faith that all men are equal.  If the black/white "gap" could not be changed it had at least to be explained.  So critical race theory was born.  It says that hidden white prejudice is responsible for black failure.

But telling whites that they are secretly prejudiced does not do much.  You cannot easily aim your anger at something hidden.  And whites seem generally not too moved  by the charge against them. It is hard to make whites suffer for their invisible evil.  Most whites simply ignore the accusation and that is that.  Some weirdos may self-flagellate but they are too few to be satisfying.

So the left had simply run out of things that they could make into a great cause for their anger.  They needed a new enemy.  And all that pent up anger is now directed at people who think that there  are only two sexes.  It's absurd but absurdity has never held the Left back.  Their core belief that "all men are equal" is absurd.

And policies born out of anger are seldom wise or constructive.  And the latest obsession is no exception. Who would ever have thought that  cutting of a young girl's breasts or a young mans penis would  ever be seen as virtuous and in need of encouragement?  One almost pines for the day when all that Leftist anger required was a mandate to give High School diplomas to illiterate blacks

 But who are these angry people?  What makes the Left seethe with anger?  Have you ever seen anyone seethe with anger the way the Left did when Donald Trump was elected President?  Leftist anger was a great foaming torrent at that time -- completely unrestrained.    We saw then with crystal clarity the anger that was behind the mask of doing good

All the studies of it show that the  Left/Right political polarity is strongly inherited genetically -- so to a large extent the Left are just born in their unhappy state.  The world just looks all wrong to their eyes.  But there may of course also  be life events and circumstances which generate chronic anger.  Failing to get much of the rewards that life offers might well make one an unhappy person.  Black anger is explicable that way.  I go through various other possibilities elsewhere:



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