Binary Australia campaigner Kirralie Smith has AVO against her withdrawn

How absurd can you get? This pleasant country lady was held to be a physical threat because she spoke out about transgenders in sport. The only thing she would be likely to threaten anybodyn with would be an offering of pumpkin scones. "apprehended violence" indeed. Another case where the law is an ass

A high-profile campaigner against transgender women competing in female sports is claiming victory after a restraining order against her was withdrawn in court.

Police had taken out an apprehended violence order out against Kirralie Smith, 52, to protect an amateur NSW soccer player at the centre of a transgender row.

The player, who towered over most players, was the league's leading goal scorer and a clip of them sending a rival player flying in a tackle went viral earlier this year. 

The director of Binary Australia led a protest campaign which bombarded soccer bosses with more than 12,000 emails demanding Football NSW take action.

Ms Smith's campaign also included a petition entitled: 'Keep blokes out of women’s sport!' 

Police initially applied for the AVO in April and served it to Ms Smith at her home in Mt George, 200km north-east of Newcastle, NSW.

It prevented her from discussing or approaching the player, and also covered electronic harassment of the trans activist player, who lives more than 300km away.

But when the case returned to Burwood Local Court in Sydney on Monday, police withdrew their application and the AVO was dismissed.

'We won!!!!!!' Ms Smith posted on X, formerly known as Twitter. 'The AVO was withdrawn!!!!  'It is not violence to defend women’s spaces or sport.'

The mother-of-three added: 'The police prosecutor simply withdrew the application - after wasting a lot of time and $.'

Ms Smith currently has one other AVO application against her, which is due back in Taree Local Court on October 10, and another previous AVO was withdrawn in April.

She added on Tuesday: 'The first win in this series of law fare against me is greatly encouraging.  'I still have an AVO application by another male player in a female team and two vilification complaints. I will stand firm and not shrink back. 'I will have this week off to celebrate and recover and be back soon!'

The decision comes as Ms Smith celebrated her birthday on Tuesday.  'I can’t stop smiling,' she said. 'What a gift for my birthday today. A win for female sport and freedom of speech.'

Ms Smith has been highly vocal around the participation of transwomen in women's sports and the risk of injury to female players.

She was backed by failed federal Liberal candidate Katherine Deves who has been a high profile critic of transgender athletes in women's sport.

Ms Smith angrily denied she was a threat to the player after the AVO was imposed and told Daily Mail Australia in May: 'I've never been violent in my life.  'I have a very long-standing knee injury. I'm not violent and not capable of violence.'

She added: 'It's important for women to be able to draw boundaries and speak freely about how males impact their spaces and services.'  'I will continue to speak truthfully about matters of biology and how they affect women and children in Australia.'


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