"I'm a traditional wife who doesn't work or pay bills - I think all women should care for the home while their husbands work because equal marriages are unnatural and unhappy"

The woman below is of Arab origin and Arab societies are very traditional so her decisions are not so surprising in that context.

It does however happen elsewhere also. When I married my third wife I was already well-off so told her she could give up work and become a full-time wife and mother. She leapt at it. She is a very confident and capable person but had always thought that the traditional female role was a good one. She now looks after me in my old age

A woman who believes that equal relationships are 'not natural' has revealed that her husband gives her a percentage of his earnings every month so she doesn't have to work.

Linda Andrade, from California, appeared on a recent episode of Truly's Love Don't Judge to explain her lifestyle.

The 23-year-old proudly stated how she has 'never paid a bill in her life' before declaring that bills are 'irrelevant to her.'

Linda, who once dreamed of being a doctor, explained that while partner Ricky, 27, is raking in a six-figure salary she stays home to cook and clean.

The couple, who first met after Linda joined a gym where Ricky worked as a health coach, have been together for nearly eight years.

They tied the knot when Linda was just 19 and she quickly fell into the role of being a stay-at-home wife.

'He was making so much money that I didn't need to work and it was making more sense for me to stay home,' she said,

Ricky claimed that he makes more than $150,000 each month working as a real estate investor who also has investments in stocks and cryptocurrency.

He revealed that the couple 'have a traditional marriage' where he makes the money and Linda 'takes care of the home.'

The jet-setting couple has three homes - an apartment in Dubai, a condo in Orange County and a house in Las Vegas.

Linda, who was originally born in Jordan but relocated to the US when she was just two years old, said: 'I believe that modern relationships that do 50-50 are unhappy. It's not natural.

'I have never paid a bill in my life. I don't even know how to pay the mortgage... Bills are so irrelevant. Honestly, they're irrelevant to me.'

She continued: 'I personally love doing household chores because I love taking care of my husband...

'I spoil him, I cook him his favorite meals and I make sure the house is clean. I hire a maid for the cleaning for the most part.'

Linda said it had once been her dream to be a doctor 'but as of right now my focus is on my marriage.'

She continued: 'It does take a lot of trust in a relationship for you to give up your dreams and give up everything to take care of a man but I don't have any fears about that.'

In return, Ricky gives Linda a percentage of his earnings each month.

The social media star now regularly flaunts her wealth online where she has faced fierce criticism over the relationship dynamic and has been branded as a 'gold digger' and 'spoiled brat' who 'brings nothing to the table.'

The couple have faced a slew of hate including claims her husband is going to leave, cheat and abuse her.

She has also received questions about when she is going to 'stop spending her husband's money.'

But Linda insists that the pair met before Ricky had money and is 'not taking him for all he is worth.'

Linda has regularly hit back at the claims via her TikTok account - with one particular video asserting: 'When people say I'm dumb for relying on a man for my livelihood but they rely on a job for theirs?'


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