Christian influencer slams Addison Rae's 'Holy Trinity' bikini ad: 'I felt sick to my stomach'

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The Holy Trinity is rubbish doctrine anyway. Most Christian denominations believe in it but the word is mentioned nowhere in the Bible. It's a theological compromise from the 4th century, promoted by the Egyptian Athanasius. The bikini is a reasonable mockery of it.

Christian influencer Brittany Dawn Davis has gone after TikTok star Addison Rae for posing in a “Holy Trinity” bikini for the brand Praying by Adidas.

Rae has faced so much backlash over the photo since she posted it a week ago, she already took it off her Instagram. The bikini is still available on Praying’s website for $100 — the top features “Father” and “Son” on either side of the piece, while the bottoms read “Holy Spirit.” Rae has not publicly addressed the controversy beyond deleting the ad.


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