Single women complain about the lack of 'educated' men in the dating world in a VERY controversial discussion about finding love

Hah! My experience is the opposite. I find very few really educated women. I have never once met an available woman with a doctorate, which I have. My present partner has only a bachelor's degree but she is highly cultured so that is pretty good. She talks about Rilke, Goethe, Spinoza, Chekhov etc. I have read those authors but I have never met another lady who has

A group of single women have claimed they struggle to find men who are 'educated enough' on the dating scene.

Australian therapist Eliza Wilson appeared on the Sex Cells podcast with Sydney comedian Neel Kolhatkar and said she asked a group of single friends online if they would date a guy without tertiary education.

'I thought it was interesting because they all said "yeah I would" yet every single one of them dates someone who has an equal or higher education than themselves - and the same goes for income,' she said.

Eliza said the women were mainly referring to dating tradesmen and the 'nightmare' scenarios they claimed to have experienced with men who didn't have 'higher education'.

Yes, but I don't care about their education level
During the podcast Eliza said shockingly that the women, without realising, did not consider tradesmen to be 'educated'.

'When I brought this to their attention, it [started] a conversation about what happened when they've dated someone without a university degree,' she said.

The women who had gone on dates with tradies or those who didn't have a degree said the initial attraction was there but it quickly 'fizzled out'.

'They said: "I couldn't sit and have a meaningful conversation with them, we disagreed on so many political views, [and] they didn't know what feminism or transgender meant",' Eliza recalled some as saying.

Dating experts stress the importance of dating people with similar core views as their own to avoid major clashes; this likely explains the generalisations expressed in the group rather than the man's career choice.

Eliza said she got 'the ick' after a guy she was attracted to revealed he works at Woolworths. 'Why was I so attracted to him up until the point that he said "I work at Woolies"? I felt so judgemental,' she said.

During the conversation, Neel said: 'I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing that someone might have a certain career or ambition criteria for a prospective partner.

'It's not just financial success women find attractive, it's also the ability to obtain resources and be productive - which taps into human biology.'

'Generally speaking, [women] are attracted to men who have the capacity to be productive - which doesn't necessarily mean financially productive, because it would probably be a turn-off if a man inherited a lot of wealth but then sat on a couch all day.'


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