Jim Jefferies EXPOSED by Avi Yemini using hidden camera

Jim Jefferies is an Australian comedian who is very popular in the US and is a rabid lefty and anti-gunner. He has his own talk show and goes out of his way to pander to the left.

So he set his sights on Avi Yemeni, an Australian of Israeli origin who frequently publicizes Muslim abuses.  Jefferies aimed to discrefdit Yemeni.  The interview took place before the Christchurch massacre but Jefferies broadcast it after the massacre in an effort to blame Yemeni for the massacre.

Yemeni is an old hand at handling Leftist dishonesty, however, so he made his own hidden recording of the interview. The recording reveals Jefferies making grossly "Islamophobic" statements in an effort at getting Yemeni to agree with them.  The recording also shows how Jefferies edited his broadcast by attaching Yemeni's answers to different questions, thus making Yemeni look bad

The broadcast was a total fraud.  Leftists NEED lies.  Reality suits them so badly.

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  1. Smile To The Hidden CameraMarch 24, 2019 at 6:19 PM

    Dangling information in the town square in the hopes that violent thugs will act upon it is passive cowardice both leftists and nob-leftists have the capacity to do. Jeffries is not exempt from the universal phenomenon that is catching a glimpe of one’s mirror image and the following decisions that he will weigh. Deal with it? Make excuses? Act as if it never happened? Whataboutism? Jeffries might also find out that phony edits might instead turn on him and harm his own reputation.


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