Wealth is less to do with hard work or luck and more to do with your genes, DNA study shows

The findings below were well-known from twin studies but our knowledge of genetics has now advanced to the stage where we can look for the actual genes which underlie those findings.  And we are now begining to see them.  We can see that the genes that lead to high intelligence also lead to higher income etc.  In their usual blind way, Leftists usually dispute that IQ tests really measure anything.  But when you are seeing the associations in actual human genes, there is much less room for dispute.  The full, very detailed paper underlying the report below is here

It should be noted that the same studies which show a strong IQ influence on income also show negligible effects from family environment and other environmental variables.  Your genes really are your destiny and there's not much you can do about it. That finding will put a lot of noses out of joint on both the Right and the Left but that is what the data shows

Wealth and success may be less to do with hard work or luck and more to do with DNA, it seems. An analysis of 286,000 Britons showed that the genetic make-up of those who earned over £100,000 differed from those on low incomes.

A scan pointed to 24 ‘golden genes’ that affect intelligence, the immune system, and the strength of muscles and heart – and so can make the difference between economic success and poverty.

The discovery follows work at the Centre For Cognitive Ageing in Edinburgh.

Three-quarters of the genes are linked to intelligence, the scientists found. But physical attributes also affect the chances of being wealthy and some of these may be inherited.

‘Genetic variants associated with higher income correlate with a genetic predisposition for greater intelligence, a longer lifespan, better physical and mental health, fewer feelings of tiredness, having fewer children and better living conditions,’ the researchers say in a paper which is yet to be published.


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  1. I sometimes put out ideas and concepts in order to understand the thinking and feelings of others. I have yet to put this one out: if current South Africans and North Americans were to start over, and they switched locations, how would that go? (Does the grass and the ground in America have magical properties?) What would happen if they were not to start over, but instead infrastructure, all systems and everything else were at their disposal at the switch, how would that go?

    Leftists prostrating themselves at the altar of "Everybody = Equal" forget that their wishful thinking put unnecessary strain and impose standards on people who do not have the capacity to reach them, leading them to first believe in gleeful falsity and then lead them downwards to probable failure. Sadism. It is not that working towards a higher goal is terrible, but it is terrible to punish the cat for yet again being too lazy to make a simple fucking dish for dinner.


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