A controversial hat

My daughter in law is a great traveller and when she was last in NYC she bought me a hat.  Above is an image of it.  She even bought it from Trump Tower.  It is not actually a true Trump hat. A Trump hat says: "Make America great again".  The one above says something slightly different.  But very few people would notice the difference.

I wore it on my morning shopping trip a couple of days ago in suburban Brisbane.  Brisbane is a long way from the USA so I wondered if it would get a reaction.  Consistent with their aggressive nature, American Leftists do sometimes attack the wearers of such hats.  Would that hatred spread to Brisbane?

It did, sort of.  When I had finished my shopping around about 10am, I stopped off where I usually do for a morning cup of coffee.  The girl on the counter took my money for it but then went out the back.  She came back and told me they had run out of coffee!  

I didn't argue. In the best libertarian style, I just left for another place a few doors down that had plenty of coffee!  What do you think?  Do you think a coffee joint would really run out of coffee?

There's a famous Australian Country and Western song called "The pub with no beer".  So I did one better. I encountered a coffee joint with no coffee!  I am not going to name the shop concerned as the people there are usually pleasant and I like their coffee.  They served me as usual yesterday.  We conservastives are forgiving people.  We have a lot to forgive -- JR


  1. Keep Calm And Carry OnMarch 10, 2019 at 3:19 AM

    I think it does not matter if your motive was to keep your personality visible, to attract likeminded people or to provoke leftist feedback; it is not only merely a hat, it is your hat and it has the benefit of a positive wish or statement. The world is better off with America being a great country. The clerk responded by being an asshat. That said I am on board with emotional restraint as it allows the brain to work as it should and it will inspire greater potential for making sound decisions. Keep America great indeed.

  2. hehehe... I can imagine it well. A bit of fun... perhaps next time you could wear the cap backwards so they can only read it when you are walking away after having served you.

    Yes, forgive; they know not what they do. Their likes and dislikes follow fashion, and they are not even conscious of that.

    If you had a LGBT cap on, or a Che Guevara t-shirt, they would have had plenty of coffee, I'm sure.


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