British School taken over by street gangs: Staff warn over safety threats after pupil arrests

The headteacher of a secondary school has admitted that his staff fear for their safety following a series of student arrests last month.

Pupils at Copland Community School in Wembley, North London are troubling the 100-strong staff after youngsters were reported to the police for actual bodily harm, harassment and possession of a weapon.

That has led to urgent appeals from the teachers, who have written to the Board of Governors complaining over a 'hard-core (group) in each year who are forming what amount to in-school gangs'.

The letter reads: 'We as staff have long-standing concerns regarding pupil behaviour the safety of pupils and staff is being compromised. 'A significant proportion of the student body (40 per cent) share these concerns and do not feel safe at school. 'Serious incidents occur daily and examples of violence, aggression, defiance, bullying and non-compliance are far too common.

Plunked echoed those sentiments adding: 'There are problems with ganfs and things like this all over the place; it is not something that is specific to this school.

'There have been a lot of improvements at the school, we are a fairly new team. 'We are all working together to improve the school. The school does face significant challenges, but it will be a journey of improvement.'

On March 3 a 15-year-old boy appeared at Brent Youth Court on April 2 charged with possession of an article with a blade on the premises of Copland School. He admitted the charge at an earlier hearing and was given a youth rehabilitation order.

Ten days later on March 13 a report was made to police of ABH (actual bodily harm), and the following day a report of harassment was lodged. Finally on March 22 a case of disorderly conduct was reported and a 17-year-old boy was charged with disorderly conduct in connection with the incident.


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