The mask slips a little

Leftists hate the society they live in and want to "reform" it drastically according to some gauzy model that exists only in their own heads. But in a patriotic country like the USA they have to hide their hatred of their country if they want to have any influence at all. But sometimes the deception weakens and the truth slips out
Not long ago, it was unthinkable to disrespect the National Anthem in anyway whatsoever. However pro-labor union protesters showed no hesitation in crossing that line on Saturday…

Maclver News Service has posted video of anti-Scott Walker protesters in Madison, Wisconsin making disrespectful remarks during the National Anthem at the Americans for Prosperity Tax Day Rally.

“Scott Walker tea-bagger!” one can be heard saying loudly, at the beginning.

“Show some respect for your country,” someone responded.

By the end of the National Anthem, right after “home of the brave,“ one of the protesters twice said ”We’re over here!” as though, perhaps, they are the “brave.”

His companion yells something loudly, though it is difficult to make out the phrase.


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