British Cop is a bit too frank about the ladies at Aintree

The Grand National jump race is held at Aintree racecourse near Liverpool, England. Liverpool is generally a lower socio-economic area. As a major horseracing event on the social calendar, however, the Grand National is an occasion of great prestige.

As they rarely get the opportunity at any other time of attending anything as prestigious, the women of Liverpool turn out in droves for it, making sometimes desperate attempts at glamour. Slim one are rare. And that is what the police officer below is referring to. He has obviously seen it all.
Police have launched an investigation after an officer blasted women attending Ladies' Day at Aintree for being alcoholics and bad mothers in a Facebook tirade.

PC David Crawford, of Merseyside Police, appeared to be targeting Liverpool women whom he labelled as 'tramps' who 'feed their kids pork scratchings' for breakfast.

The outburst was posted on the social networking site as thousands descended on Aintree racecourse on Friday.

The officer proclaimed Ladies' Day as being 'more like Halloween' and derided the calibre of the women attending the race meeting.
'Cos come Sunday ul b back to drinking ya Lambrini at 10 in the morning watching Jeremy Kyle whilst shouting the kids 'britney and Tyson come down for ya pork scratching breakfast'.

'Whilst ya 10 quid fake bake tan is smeared all over the place an everything u touch looks like an ARL used t bag has been there.

'Tramps! Ladies Day - more like Halloween! Rant over.'


The photographers did manage to find SOME slim ones:

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  1. One look at the picture and I thought I was in New Jersey. Big hair, short skirts and curves - what's not to like?


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