His Grace strikes back -- but he's still a nong

I reproduced the derisive comments by Peter Costello on words by the Anglican Archbishop of Melbourne yesterday. His Grace was obviously upset to be ridiculed so I find online today a reply from him. There is no comments facility attached to his reply (I wonder why?) so I will make a few comments here.

Most of what he says is fluff but two of his statements were interesting:

"The common good must motivate our nation at every possible level"

"A full and good life for all includes a fair sharing of wealth"

I can't remember who first said the first of those comments but it was either Marx or Hitler: I think Hitler. His Grace would appear to be unaware of where ideas such as his lead.

The second comment betrays a complete failure to grapple with what is "fair". I think it is fair that those who earn the money should keep it. His Grace has obviously not thought of that! Or maybe he is just too limited a thinker to grapple with it.

He is just a red under the bed hiding behind a pectoral cross.... which is rather an amusing image if you think about it.

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