British bad boy in action again

We read:
"Jeremy Clarkson has been accused of offensive behaviour once again after mocking Indian culture in a Top Gear Christmas special.

Viewers have complained to the BBC after the outspoken presenter made a series of controversial remarks about the country's clothing, trains, food and history.

At one point, Clarkson appeared to make light of the lack of sanitation for poor residents by driving around slums in a Jaguar fitted with a toilet.

Showing off the car's convenience, he boasted: “This is perfect for India because everyone who comes here gets the trots.”

Many viewers took to social networks and internet message boards to voice their objections about the show, in which the Top Gear team set out to boost British trade links with the subcontinent.

Owen Hathway tweeted: “Whats wrong with the BBC that they think casual racist stereotyping is acceptable on top gear?”

In one scene, Jeremy Clarkson is seen taking off his trousers in front of two Indian dignitaries to show them how to use a trouser press.

In another, the Top Gear team place banners promoting British industry on trains. One read, 'British IT is good for your company', and another, 'Eat English muffins'. But the message became intentionally obscene when the carriages of the trains separate and the banner splits.


That slogan on the train was very rude. I think it does Clarkson no credit: Schoolboy humor. More pictures here. Gratuitously insulting his hosts is neither clever nor funny.


I think I am more than usually bothered by Clarkson's antics on this occasion because I like Indians. And I put my money where my mouth is: I have been to India three times and I have Indians living with me in my house.

The one redeeming feature of this affair is that the Indians would barely have comprehended what Clarkson was doing. If they did, they would probably have concluded that he is mad. It would not occur to them that they were dealing with a 5-year-old in a man's body.

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