You can't win: British filmmakers remove leprosy gag from new children's comedy after outcry but were they too PC?

We read:
"The makers of Wallace and Gromit have been forced to take a joke about leprosy out of their latest film after an outcry from health campaigners.

Animators Aardman have caused a furore with a scene that appeared in a trailer for Pirates! In An Adventure with Scientists! - starring Hugh Grant and Brian Blessed.

It shows the arrival of the Pirate Captain, voiced by Grant, on board a captive ship demanding gold.

A crew member tells him: 'Afraid we don't have any gold old man, this is a leper-boat.' His arm then falls off, before he adds: 'See!'

Campaigners lined up to criticise the visual gag, accusing Aardman Animations of 'laughing at the millions disabled by leprosy'.

The Oscar-winning British film company agreed to remove the gag from the family film, which is set to be released in the UK this March.

But the move was criticised by some who claimed it was an over-reaction just to appease a vocal minority.



  1. The joke doesn't seem to be very funny. Do leper's arms fall off? I thought it was fingers, toes, and other extremities. And did they have leper ships? Leper islands, sure.

    Monty Python: "Got a shekel for a poor ex-leper?" Now that was a funny leper joke.

  2. "Campaigners"

    Leprosy still exists in some parts of the world.

    How many of these "concerned citizens" are REALLY out there supporting and helping lepers?

    Wallace and Grommit ROCK!!


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