Just give us an election

The Left are totally baffled by the ongoing success of the Federal Opposition leader and seek to undermine him at every opportunity.  Their latest effort involved a member of the Prime Minister's staff engineering a race riot to bring discredit on Tony Abbott. 

Of course there is nothing this incompetent government can not stuff up:

Gillard staffer quits over role in riot.

But why wouldn't they keep trying?  It's worked in the past.  It was widely suspected a PM staffer had a role in leaking Tony Abbott's travel plans to embarrass him by revealing he had refused to accompany the PM on a trip to Afghanistan.

Abbott cites jet lag for turning down Afghanistan trip.

The Prime Minister denied any complicity.

Gillard denies playing low-rent politics.

The Sydney Morning Herald reader poll shows how the smear worked.

Update: The PM's office would like to speak to you.

One of the founders of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy, Michael Anderson, said Ms Sattler had spoken to him as well.
"There was a lady running around here when I was doing a radio interview and she said the prime minister's office wants to talk to you and I thought she was joking and said I'll talk later," he told reporters.
"I know that woman to be Kim Sattler."
Mr Anderson said Ms Sattler recognised who he was.
"She came and then she went away and, because I didn't respond, she went to other people," he said.  "All she said was `Michael. the prime minister's office would like to talk to you.'"

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