Racist Norwegian child protection authorities

Indian couple have children taken away by Norwegian social workers because they were feeding them by hand. Behaviour that is good enough for a billion Indians is not good enough for tiny Norway, apparently. There is a lot of authoritarianism in the Nordic countries

An Indian couple have had their children taken away by Norwegian social workers because they were feeding them with their hands and sleeping in the same bed as them.

Anurup and Sagarika Bhattacharya lost custody of their three-year-old son and one-year-old daughter eight months ago after authorities branded their behaviour inappropriate.

The drastic measure led to intervention from the Indian government who contacted Norwegian authorities in an a desperate attempt to return the children.

Norwegian Child Protection Services removed the youngsters from their home in May, 2011, leaving their parents horrified with the outcome of the report.

Father Anurup told Indian television channel NDTV: 'They told me ‘why are you sleeping with the children in the same bed?’. '(I told them) this is also a purely cultural issue. We never leave the children in another room and say goodnight to them.'

Anurup added: 'Feeding a child with the hand is normal in Indian tradition and when the mother is feeding with a spoon there could be phases when she was overfeeding the child. 'They said it was force feeding. These are basically cultural differences.'

Mrs Bhattacharya said: 'My son was sleeping with my husband. They said he should sleep separately from your son.'

The parents have been told that they can only see their children twice a year, for an hour during each visit until the kids turn 18 when they will no longer be bound by the current restrictions under current Norwegian law.

Despite the Indian government's intervention, Norwegian officials are refusing to meet the request for any further explanation.

Norway's Child Protective Service has come under much scrutiny in the past for excessive behaviour in their handling of child cruelty. Lawyer Svein Kjetil Lode Svendsen said: 'There has been a report in UN in 2005 which criticized Norway for taking too many children in public care. 'The amount was 12,500 children and Norway is a small country.'

With the Bhattacharyas' visas set to expire in March, they have revealed that they will be forced to stay against their will until the return of their infants.



  1. We live in a sick and getting sicker society.

    My Wife and I would share our bed with the kids at times when they were little. It is one of the simple joys of family.

    The child protection weirdos who are petty functionaries and do gooders should be told, forthrightly, to F**k OFF....

    The greater agenda though, is the mixing up of peoples as a mechanism to globalise and facilitate this very authoritarianism.... Europe should close its borders to new residents not European. The natural differences between the multicultrual hordes and the Euro. indignenes are being used as pretexts for interventionist meddling in the private affairs and expansion of governance. The desired end is universal global government run by attention seeking psychopaths who feel themselves born to rule.

    Norway for Norwegians. India for Indians.

  2. Racism and xenophobia are ingrained in Norway. A simple perusal of online newspaper debates shows the sheer amount of poison in people's hearts. I have visited 37 countries and Norway is by far the most racist and xenophobic of the lot. Denmark is not far behind Norway in this regard. Anders Breivik may have been diagnosed a lunatic but his ideas, in less extreme form, are widely shared.

  3. Also native Norwegians fear badly the SWF system in Norway. They use children as trade objects out of greed for money. If you deviate from some strict and unnatural normality scheme or culturally, your children are really in danger. This system snaps children to the full extent of their capacity. If you give them the double capacity, they will snap twice as many children as now.Generally I worn families with children moving to Norway or even visiting Norway as tourists. To kiss your child or give it a good embrace is enough in this country to be suspected of child sexual abuse and have your children taken away from you.

    The best way a foreigners can help both themselves and Norwegian Citizens against this system is total and full boicott of all Norwegian companies and products, and by not settling in Norway or go to Norway as tourists.

    Regards Knut Holt

  4. This system attacks both Norwegian and Foreign families. Generally Norwegian parents are afraid of these agencies and their helpers in the public services. These agencies work together and can anytime come and snap your children from you if there is something regarding the child or the family which is not politically correct. Because of these fears, Norwagians go around, behaving according to official norms, making false smiles and interchanging false positive comments regarding anything the authorities do or arrange, but you can see the fear and apathy in thir eyes and their face. Norway is no happy country.

    But of cource also these agencies have somewhat limited resources, and cannot take every child they see. They often choose children that have a good life, but somehow deviate from the common norm. It does not matter if the deviation is positive or negative, only that it is a deviation. Often they use the pretent of so called early intervention. Children that are grossly abused or neglected are seldome taken, because taking these children does not give personal gratification or profit for the agents or those they cooperate with.

    The best way a foreigners can help both themselves and Norwegian Citizens against this system is total and full boicott of all Norwegian companies and products, and by not settling in Norway or go to Norway as tourists.


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