What a lot of bureaucratic nonsense!

With what they pay bureaucrats to enforce this, they could give EVERYBODY a new fridge

TAXPAYERS will help poorer households buy new washing machines, fridges and dryers in a bid to help them reduce their energy bills. And trained workers will be sent to more than 50,000 low-income households to give them one-on-one budgeting lessons.

Families Minister Jenny Macklin will announce the $30 million Home Energy Saver Scheme today during Anti-Poverty Week. The scheme will start next year before the introduction of the Government's controversial carbon tax on July 1.

The initiative will fund a range of measures, including:

* Help to access no or low-interest loans to buy energy-efficient appliances;

* A complete financial health check that evaluates all household spending, and advice on how to tap into schemes such as off-peak energy periods;

* Strategies to ensure bills are paid on time; and
Advice on how to reduce energy use by installing energy-efficient lighting.

Ms Macklin said the funding would be on top of the extra assistance low-income households would receive to help cope with rising bills under the carbon tax.

"Low-income households have much less room to move in their budgets, which is why we will deliver assistance through increased payments and tax cuts," she said.

She said households would pay an extra $9.90 a week under the carbon tax, but the average assistance will be $10.10 a week.


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