SCOTUS to hear dispute over “Stolen Valor” law

We read:
"The Supreme Court said Monday that it will hear an emotionally charged dispute over a federal law that makes it a crime to lie about being a war hero and earning military medals. The case, involving the Stolen Valor Act passed in 2006, tests the reach of First Amendment free-speech protection for false statements, including those about personal military feats."


How the Devil did this get into SCOTUS? Since when did the 1st Amendment protect lies?? Apparently some lower courts have ruled that it does. So libel is now protected too? American courts can be a sorry lot.

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  1. "Since when did the 1st Amendment protect lies??"

    It's an inevitable logical development of past cases which redefined "freedom of speach" as "freedom of expression" -- so as to extend 1st Amendment protection to tittie bars and "adult" theaters.


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