Welsh Soccer star called a "sheepshagger"

It's an insult most usually applied to New Zealanders, where there are many more sheep than people. Many Australians consider it amusing to greet newly arrived New Zealanders (New Zealand is a significant source of immigrants to Australia) with sallies like: "I hear you have got some good-looking sheep over there". That may be one reason why New Zealanders tend to dislike Australians.
Football chiefs are investigating an official racism complaint about star Craig Bellamy after he was allegedly called a 'sheep-sh***er' during a match.

The Wales and Liverpool striker was allegedly the victim of 'inhuman, degrading and vile' taunts by rival fans.

Bellamy, who earns £80,000 a week, was targeted by fans of Brighton when Liverpool played them in the Carling Cup last month. Liverpool won the tie 2-1, with Bellamy scoring the opening goal for the Premiership side.

Notorious bad boy Bellamy, 31, is a proud Welshman and a former captain of the national side.

It is alleged that the calls of 'sheepsh***er' came from the terraces at Brighton and Hove Albion's ground during the crunch match on September 21.

The club could be fined if it is found not to have properly controlled the behaviour of fans.


No doubt it is unpleasant to be accused of having sex with sheep but abusing members of the other side has long been part and parcel of many sports and used not be be taken too seriously.

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