Ad for gun training bars Muslims and Obama voters, PC police go ballistic

No freedom to teach?

A radio ad for a handgun training class that bars Muslims and Obama voters has sparked an investigation in Texas.

"We will attempt to teach you all the necessary information you need to obtain your [Concealed Handgun License]," the ad says. Then towards the end, it adds: "If you are a socialist liberal and/or voted for the current campaigner in chief, please do not take this class. You have already proven that you cannot make a knowledgeable and prudent decision under the law."

And then: "If you are a non-Christian Arab or Muslim, I will not teach you the class with no shame; I am Crockett Keller, thank you, and God bless America."

The ad ran for six days on KHLB, Mason's local station. It's also been heard tens of thousands of times on Youtube.

The Department of Public Safety said in a statement that certified instructors of handgun training are required to comply with all applicable state and federal laws, and added: "Conduct by an instructor that denied service to individuals on the basis of race, ethnicity or religion would place that instructor's certification by the Department at risk of suspension or revocation."

It seems unlikely that Keller will back down, though. "I'm not going to do it," he told the local news. "I will give up my license to teach before I will teach them," he said, referring to Obama voters and Muslims.



  1. What is really disturbing to me is that in England (where I write) and in Oz it would probably be illegal to put up such a notice. For the first time in recent history our rulers have criminalised thought. Remember the man who coined the phrase 'political correctness' was Lenin! In his diaries he openly admitted that PC was synonymous with lying. Democracy isn't very important, is always malleable, to Socialists and liberals...mike harris; Birmingham ,England.

  2. so if a “non-christian” comes in he will deny selling them guns and teaching them how to shoot??? what if a homosexual comes in right??? is he going to deny them guns too or deny teaching them how to shoot guns??? he seems a bit of a bigot… yes if you feel uncomfortable selling your gun to someone fine, but leave religion and politics out of it because number one it isnt any of his business what religion i am or what political party i voted for… PERIOD… END OF STORY… if he doesnt like the 1st admendment of freedom of religion then he can get out, but he better not let the back door hit him in the ass…


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