More hate speech against Israel from Canada -- from yet another nutty antisemitic Jew

Karl Marx was of Jewish descent but in his article Zur Judenfrage he sounds every bit as antisemitic as old Adolf. So antisemitic Jews go back a long way on the extreme Left. Their extreme Leftism (insane hatred of everything around them) causes them to hate their own origins. Hate speech indeed!
"The University of Toronto is being criticized by Jewish groups, a prominent historian and Holocaust survivors for accepting a master’s thesis that calls two Holocaust education programs “racist.”

The thesis, titled “The Victimhood of the Powerful: White Jews, Zionism and the Racism of Hegemonic Holocaust Education,” was written by Jenny Peto, a Jewish activist with the Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid. It denounces the March of Remembrance and Hope, for which young adults of diverse backgrounds travel with Holocaust survivors to sites of Nazi atrocities in Poland, and March of the Living Canada, which takes young Jews with survivors to Poland and Israel.

Peto argues that the two programs cause Jews to falsely believe they are innocent victims. In reality, she writes, they are privileged white people who “cannot see their own racism.” The “construction of a victimized Jewish identity,” she argues, is intentional: It produces “effects that are extremely beneficial to the organized Jewish community” and to “apartheid” Israel.

Peto contends that “Zionist politics” are hidden behind the “liberal-sounding goals” of the March of Remembrance and Hope. She writes that there are “questions about the implications of white Jews taking it upon themselves to educate people of colour about genocide, racism and intolerance.”

The program, however, is not run by a Jewish group. Its parent organization is the Canadian Centre for Diversity, which teaches young people to fight discrimination.


Use of the word "hegemonic" is a 99% accurate index of Marxist thinking.

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  1. If the Marxists do not like Israel, let them live among the Palestinians in Gaza; the next morning, they will probably wake up with their throats cut!


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